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Toe Socks Colorful Stripes....Shoe Sizes 5-12
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Women's selection of Feelmax Toe Sock Why toe socks?
Babies feet are already 80% of the shape they will be when aged 20.

So in other words 80% of our feet will form during that time. Shoes have a profound impact on the shaping of our feet. The shape of our shoes often doesn’t match to the shape of our feet and unfortunately we don’t always think about that.

Wearing Toe Socks Colorful Stripes helps your feet to stay healthy, by giving your toes the opportunity to move independently and keep them dry in your shoes.

Why cotton socks?
Feet are our second heart consisting of numerous veins and blood being pump through them constantly.

During a time period of 60 years our feet touch the ground 10 million times traveling over 100 thousand miles. During the distance of one mile, a foot has to endure a weight of approximately 1600 kg.

We know the importance of our feet but still most of us don’t take good enough care of them.

Our feet have about as many pores as our hands. On a hot day our feet can easily get sweaty and cause problems. Sweat turns in to unpleasant odor (specially in non-cotton socks). Cotton Toe Socks Colorful Stripes help to absorb moisture, keep your feet dry and odorless.

And, colorful toe socks brighten up everyone's' day.
Toe Socks Colorful Stripes
are Stylish, Comfortable and
Made of Cotton.
Your feet are an essential part of your daily life. Start loving your feet with our special designs, high quality materials, and guaranteed comfort.
Your Feet are Feelmax!
Feelmax toe socks are the most comfortable socks in the World.
They are made without uncomfortable seams and the elasticity of the socks prevents them from sliding off your feet during the day.

They fit like a glove –“literally”.
Toe socks “massage” in between your toes, stimulate circulation and keep feet warm and dry all day.

Toe Socks Colorful Stripes are made of cotton and a mix of polyamide fibres, while following exact guide lines for maximum comfort in order to keep their shape and last long for every day use. They should be washed at 40 degrees.

Feelmax toe socks are for the whole family, colors and designs for every occasion from work to leisure.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Which material are Feelmax toe socks made of?
A: 75% cotton; 20% spandex; 5 % other fibres.

Q. Is it difficult to put them on children?
A: Children’s toes easily to go into the right place like fingers into gloves.

Q. Does it feel uncomfortable to wear toe socks?
A: For some people it can feel a bit strange in the beginning, this feeling disappears soon.

Q. How do toe socks stay firmly in place if they have no heel?
A: The elastic stretch in the middle and above the ankle assures that the socks stay firmly in place.

Q. Why do toe socks cost more than normal socks.
A: Unlike other socks, our Toe Socks Colorful Stripes are partly hand-made to provide you with the highest quality product.

Q. Do I need bigger shoes if I use toe socks?
A: No. Feelmax socks are designed in such way that you can wear your normal shoes and feel absolutely comfortable in them.

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